I have a couple of ideas for storj partners

  • Netflix can be a good candidate for storj, being hosted on AWS and in need for CDN like network

  • https://www.shadowserver.org/ The Shadowserver Foundation is a nonprofit security organization working altruistically behind the scenes to make the Internet more secure for everyone…and they just lost support from Cisco

Thanks for the ideas! We’re very interested and motivated to onboard customers and partners where there is a need for secure, private and durable cloud storage.

We’re seeing a lot of early interest from a number of different customer use cases particularly related to backup use cases.

We have programs in place for partnerships as well, including revenue sharing, wholesale pricing and private label solutions.

We’re not quite ready to be a CDN just yet, but early customers have been very happy with the network so far. As mentioned a few times, we’ve received consistent feedback about the need for a hosted S3 compatible endpoint as opposed to the self-hosted gateway we currently offer. We’ve moved that up in the roadmap and we’re really excited about the much wider range of customer use cases that will allow us to address.

Want to connect with us, please just reach out to partnerships@storj.io.

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Thank you for your suggestions! We are progressing towards CDN-like capabilities, and hope to be there next year. Shadowserver sounds like an interesting prospect, and we will reach out.

Thank you for responses :slight_smile: Time flies when you are having fun! This concludes the time allotted for the hosted portion of the Q&A, and we’ll be closing out the threads shortly.

Thanks again for being with us during Town Hall

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