I have a database is malformed problem… And it doesn’t even say which database is malformed

Great, I got the update too… and now suddenly I have a dabase is malformed problem… And since it doesn’t even say which database is malformed and all pragma integrity_checks return no errors, I will need to recreate every single database until I find the one that is supposedly malformed…
But I can’t spend that much time right now, so say hello to at least 12 hours downtime due to errors from automatic updates… This was the last time I used watchtower. I will only update manually now when I have time to fix stuff that breaks during an update.

Oooh, a new member in the “manual updates” club. Welcome.
Anyway, I updated to the new version and it works for me.


it worked for 2/3 nodes but that doesn’t make it better… already spent 30 minutes trying to fix it… now I have to go and can only continue in a few hours…

wow it doesn’t even work if I remove the bandwidth.db and let storagenode recreate it… I’m giving up for now…

That is the problem with automatic updates - an update is an increased chance of something getting broken and if it happens at some inconvenient time, you have problems. This is why I update manually - when I know I’ll be able to spend some time fixing whatever breaks during the update.

It could be malformed long before the update.
Please, use this method to check your databases:

I restarted the node at least 20 times in the last 2 weeks and it was fine. So I don’t see why it would only now show up as malformed.

Funny enough, simply vacuuming all databases fixed the issue. Node started just fine now. So there was no real malformed db? integrity_checks were fine and vacuuming doesn’t really fix a malformed db does it?
(nice side-effect: piecinfo.db went from 431MB to 31MB)

I think the used_serial.db was malformed. It should be shortened after the upgrade.

it did go down from 200MB to 8kb after vacuuming. but storagenode should have done that by itself (fixed the problem or “upgraded” the db).
mabye it would be wise if the storagenode called vacuuming on every update by itself?

Maybe this is the reason of your problems?
What for you’ve made such a huge number of restarts?

not like he seems to be the only one with database issues after the update…
seems to be an increasing number complaining on the forum since the new update started being pushed…

also restarts shouldn’t affect anything so long as its correct shutdowns…
hell i crashed my server like 20-30 times trying to get gpu passthrough working on a vm…
storagenode took it like a champ :smiley:


restarts can’t be the reason for a problem that only occured after the update. It was properly shutdown every time and started fine. And if a vacuum solved the problem, I can’t even understand what the problem was because vacuuming doesn’t repair corrupted databases.

Reasons were changes on the server.


this part :slight_smile: