I have a node that has been stuck for the past month on 1TB

you guys think that is bad I have a node that has been stuck for the past month on 1TB. No idea why. No failed audits no no thing.

How many free space on that node?
What is version?
How your disk is connected?
Is it a docker or binary (i.e. Windows GUI)?

So it has a little less than 2TB of free space.
It is always running the latest version of software within 2 days of release.
I use SATA 3 connection for the HDD
It is ruing Windows GUI

NO failed Audits and peaty much 99.68% uptime

Many of us SNO’s have shrinking nodes the past month, so I don’t see anything weird going on in your case


I’m aware of that but 1TB on a I think 7month old node is just tooo low.

Maybe tell the 4500 new nodes which have also started since the 1st September 2020 that they are taking your ingress? If the number of nodes on the network had stayed the same since you started yours there would be almost an extra 1TB storage each.

To be serious… this is a simple case of supply and demand, at the moment the cost of entry is low so the network is flooded with new nodes, many still vetting. Your node is just one of many for the data which is currently available.