I have just generated and identity and signed but it doesn’t appear

I just started with a new node but the identity disappeared
If you look at the command line it says there are the files but when i go with file explorer to see it to backup

It does show where the unsigned identity is located. It also gives you the exact path. Have you tried that ?

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The unsigned identity stays at the same place where it was downloaded? I have a question maybe it didn’t disappeared. the unsigned identity stays when it finish or its replaced by the signed because there’s an identity where i downloaded the unsigned identity

Here is an identity maybe its signed maybe not. I don’t know if its signed

Check this exact sentence in first image

Unsigned identity is locaed in “/root/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode”

I was trying to make you look at :arrow_up: Do tell me if you find it.

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Ok sorry there are. I think they were not appearing at the GUI due to permission maybe because root is protected

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