I have not received held amount from Stefan satellite


I have the same problem!! Can I send you my Node ID in private message?

Thank You

@Tony_boy_32 what is registration date for your node(s)? And also, what do you see in the Payout Information -> Payout History under interested satellite(s)?
Could you please show screenshot of the Held amount history for your node(s)?

I send You a Private Message with screenshot.

On your own screenshots you can see that you have received a 50% of held amount with the regular payout.
You also have a TX links in the Payout History above the Held Amount History.
If you select a next month after 15 months in the network, you can see the held amount returned under each satellite.

As for the now active satellites they are ok.
What doesn’t come back to me is


I see Held Returned 0.00$
am I wrong something?

Thank you so much

Please, open your wallet on Etherscan and take a look on payout in the September 2020 - it includes held amount from Stefan.
Your dashboard cannot show the returned held amount for Stefan, if your node were offline between July 2020 and September 2020.

my nodes are always online.
I see a lot of transactions for September but I don’t understand which one is about stefan. I am sending you my STORJ address in private, can you verify yourself please?

Thank You

We sum all earnings from all satellites and send them at once. The TX from September 2020 is the one with held amount from the Stefan satellite.
If your nodes were online when the satellite send all receipts, your nodes would have this information. Since the Stefan satellite was shutdown in September 2020, thus it cannot sends receipts anymore.

Ok, now I check the proceeds of my nodes for the month of August, I add them to the amounts of stefan and I tell you if something doesn’t come back.