I have one external port closed!

Ups… Do you know if i should open two external ports, or only one? And afterwards redirect it? i think that’s because i have one external port closed! someone closed it for me!

The node uses only one external port for incoming connections for TCP and UDP. I do not know, what do you mean by the second external port.
Do you run multiple nodes?
Is it a docker setup or Windows GUI?
Did you check everything from this check-list for the node with the closed port?

You need 2 external ports if you run 2 nodes.
If you run only one node, you need to forward (open) only one port.
For each port, you need to forward TCP and UDP traffic.

PS: sorry for misleading answear in the other thread; I read your question like you had 2 nodes running on 2 ports.

I have a failure on disk! Posted here Setting Up RPi4 64Bit - #67 by toma . I don’t know how to solve it

What do you mean you don’t know? The whole discussion is in that thread. What you don’t know is whether this is actually disk failure or simply data corruption because you’ve connected host-powered drive to usb3 port of the radpberrry pi, that has questionable controller, and did not turn off uas.

All the advice on how to provided is in that thread. You just refused to, saying “I don’t think so”. This does not mean you “don’t know”. That means you “don’t want to”.

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From a purely naming standpoint, for two nodes this would be four ports total. The port number can be shared, but UDP port 29967 and TCP port 29967 are two distinct ports. Each protocol family has a totally separate set of ports—if a given family even supports them.