I have received a second payment from storj this month

I have received a second payment from storj this month.

The first payment on the 6th, the second payment on the 13th. The two payments are from the same wallet.

is there any problem?

Yes, I also received a second payment, what could it be?

Me too, maybe a bonus because the egress payout decreased so much in the last months? :smiley:

It came from the same wallet as the other payments.

looks like they implemented 2nd check if the amount can be paid, because of fee, in the same payment period, (they stated in terms, payouts are going up to 14 day of every month, so why not check 2 times if the amount is eligible for pay at the beginning, and at the end of that period?, thats my blank guess, coz the amounts was low, and the fees was low so algo allowed it this time and gr8! well done mr.Olio!)

It will surely be the final returned held amount from the two dead satellites
And some fat fingers?
I got $14 in the 2nd payment to the same wallet as the first of $30

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I was wondering why that sudden 30-40% STORJ token price rise :clown_face:
I also think it’s the final returned held amount of satellitess europe-north-1 and us2.

To me it looks like paying out the held amount for only one satellite or paying out only for the largest node

A fly flew out of my window, my server turned off! Coincidence? I don’t think so, it’s the fly’s fault that the server turned off (and not the old hardware). :clown_face:


What if SNO is using Linux ? Does this fly support only Windows ? :nerd_face:

It was near the window, so I guess this fly only supported Windows, but it flew away anyway. So Linux users are safe for now.

P.S. By the way, in the near future this may not be a joke - mechanical flies may actually start working on Windows…

Back to the topic, the second (and in some cases third) payout are explained there:

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