I have recived 2 txn , is it normal?

hi! … i have recived 2 txn from 0x005f7b5FAa2f8A7a647D2b2dd2C278B35429FDc6 …in the first couple of days and then nothing… ! is this normal ?

They are probably from somebody else.
We only recive STORJ for sharing hdd

Can you elaborate more ? Are you running V2 or V3 or both ?

If its V3 then you should usually receive 4 payments from 4 satellites considering you got traffic from all 4.

If its V2 then its deprecated but still being used by customers.

v0.26.2 ? … on w10!.. i was in v2 on centos but i abandon it as i lost my id!
then i tried the windows software … it looked simplier to a “not coder” ! clic click instal … inserted my adress and … it’s running! (most of the time with power fails and things like that) for 260h.

i thought of that to … but i hope nobody else as my adress :slight_smile: !

aaaaaahhhhhh … but no. i understand that i may had been paid for my “implementing stage”!
… sorry im a bit confused but where may i see my up time and stats ?

Is dashboard not showing your node’s stats ?

dashboard … ? the only stats i have seen are the ones on the image … posted before ! …is there any other stats ?

Please click where it says “choose your satellite” to see stats for each satellite separately

yes …thank you! i was missing that block of info! it changes to percentage when we chose just one sat ! :slight_smile: (95/96/97/99 %) … and i was paid something like 90strj!
…but this are the actual stats and …the payments are for the month of October right ?


Payments for previous month have been completed so its November’s payout.