I have seen now i can use zksync for lower fees

I see in the documentation of how to start using it and I have seen i have to pay a fee before startin to receive the payouts but where do i have to pay it?

Same question I had. My MetaMask wallet is connected but what now after configuring my StorageNode?

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you have to enter on zkwallet and conect your wallet to the zksync wallet and then you have to pay a fee to be ablee to receive the payments but this last part i dont know how to do it

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You would need to add operator.wallet-features: ["zksync"] option to your config.yaml (see Where can I find the config.yaml? - Storj) and restart the storagenode.

When you receive your payout via zkSync, you can go to the https://wallet.zksync.io/ and connect your wallet. You will see a balance of STORJ there.
When you want to withdraw tokens to L1 (Ethereum), you will click the Withdraw button and specify amount of STORJ to transfer. By default it offer to use the same address on L1, as your address on L2, but you can change it to the deposit of the exchange for example and confirm withdraw.
There you will pay almost the same fee as if you transfer from one address to another on L1:

But you will pay it in STORJ tokens unlike L1 where you would pay in ETH.
If you never registered your address on zkSync, they will take 11000 gas in STORJ tokens for one time registration.
You also can try on testnet Rinkeby with testSTORJ tokens to make yourself familiar with the technology:

If you post your address, I’ll send you testSTORJ on Rinkeby via zkSync. The address for wallet on Rinkeby is https://rinkeby.zksync.io/account

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ok thanks for the info now i understand how it works

This is my wallet addres 0xC1E4aD79C6F4FD21C2e09a09639E57D002552Dc5


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