I hope no one gets any nasty messages from their ISPs

With the clear out of the old test data I am guessing that some people (myself included) are seeing far higher bandwidth utilization than normal (see below) as our released space is reallocated.

I changed my ISP a few months ago, if I were still with my old ISP the quality of their local network would have impacted such data volumes and the ISP before that would have enabled throttling after the first few days.

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Your ISP is one of the many bottlenecks your node potentially could have.
If your ISP can’t handle the bandwidth, your node can’t handle the bandwidth.
Ergo you should not host a node.

You may not like it, but that is just the way it is.


? Did you even read what I posted?

If you look at the image you will see that my node and my current ISP have no problems with 400+GBytes of traffic daily.

The issue I was highlighting is that the clear-out will affect the traffic volumes of many node operators and some of them may have ISPs with rate limits set in their contracts that the operators have never hit until this month.

Doesn’t seem me up to you to decide.

But indeed, first read…!

And no, my ISP doesn’t care :slight_smile:


Why post if that doesn’t apply to you?
or is not a problem for You?
Whats the goal?
The traffic hopefully will only get bigger and bigger!
@IsThisOn has valid point! If You cant stand it, don’t host a node!