I just need to vent... my ISP is down since 2 hours

OMG… my ISP is down since two hours, they say they’re on it but could last until 14:00 … (which means it can take way longer as we all know)
Curious what it does to timeouts / suspending etc.
Please all cross fingers I’ll be back online sooner… RRRRRRR. :slight_smile: :frowning:

As a workaround you could use your mobile hotspot and connect your node with this. To prevent it from downloading a lot of data you can restart the node and set the Space Limit lower.

I don’t know if that will work, but could be worth to try it :nerd_face:

Assuming the cell provider does not use NAT.

This is what you can get trying to provide datacenter-grade service without datacenter-grade equipment and multiple internet connections.

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Yeah I was thinking about it but have no easy way to route it through etc… hope it comes back soon… :confused:

it will happen from time to time stuff like this happens and storj will have to accept it…
like pentium says, its not easy to provide 99.9% uptime when using consumer hardware / setups…

so long as you don’t go into the range of days or weeks it should be okay for a once in a blue moon thing…

ofc if ones node is right on the edge of being suspended or worse then stuff like this might be a breaking point.

yes that’s also my hope it doesn’t last too long. Nevertheless I haven’t had an outage longer than a couple of minutes the last 3 years. So surprised it happens now…
Also - already looked to move providers to go from ADSL to cable to up bandwidth but still 6 weeks to go before I can switch.

make sure you get fiber if you can… it’s by far superior in just about all aspects…
not sure i can come up with a bad thing about fiber… aside from the aspect of if using it locally it’s a lot more trouble because it’s not just copper wires one shorts … making switching and such a bit more technically difficult…

aside from that… it’s amazing and affordable if it’s already nearby… atleast when looking at the subscription costs compared to the bandwidth one gets…
here its like 1gbit… is the new selling point thats being pushed… for 35$ a month i think, haven’t even bothered upgrading it because i doubt i would get any advantage out of it… running 400/400 ofc there might be a little bit…

but i like my ISP they seem pretty reliable tho there are a few minute outages from time to time… but i guess i can live with that, i know how much trouble it can be upgrading / changing networks without introducing down time here and there…

they seem to try to keep it around midnight and only for a few minutes, so for a consumer connection that’s pretty good… ofc sometimes you will get an isp that deliver business class connections, just without the legal assurances… but their uptime can sometimes be like years…

ofc very regional and company affected…

In Amsterdam city you don’t get fiber yet for consumers and a business line is 500 EUR/months + setup costs which can easily 2.000 :slight_smile:
But cable connection will make a huge difference already as it’s in the 300mbit/s to 500 mbit/s and upload goes from 20mbit/s to 75mbit/s.
Still offline.


well that sounds antiquated, i’m sure there is plenty of fiber in the right places… you just don’t live in the right place… sounds a bit weird… you should start a fiber internet company… xD its difficult to do networking today without fiber… and its by far the best solution when sending more than a few hundred meters

I wonder how Starlink would play a role in all this when its globally accessible not just US and Canada.

well i kinda think he made starlink just for margin trading… imagine being able to buy and sell faster than everybody else when dealing with like asia from the states…

taking this into account, i think starlink will or might end up being highly expensive because they want that clientele at first and foremost…

meaning the bandwidth will be reserved to maintain low latencies… also high bandwidth satellites… i can barely keep my wifi hot spots updated… you expect me to believe they can keep their what was it 170000 satellites updated… imo its a failure waiting to happen and basically a space junk disaster in the making…

ofc that one can send laser light faster in space and thus do margin trading faster than online… well that could very well make the starlink network very useful for some people… and sure might also work well for people in remote locations… but i doubt it will be cheap…

do you know how much money there is in margin trading, and how it drives the tech edge forward… its mindblowing.

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I can suggest to use the cell phone as a backup and use portmap.io for the tunneling - it’s not so difficult to configure it. To reduce a costs of mobile internet you can set the allocated size to the 500GB.
And you do not need to have an expensive backup solution for the connection. All in your hands literally :slight_smile:


here using a mobile even for limited node operation lets say 1 gb upload an hour, which seems pretty reasonable… might be a bit less at times… or a bit more…

here that would be 4-5$ an hour unless if one is running a subscription allowing sizable transfers in the costs… then for like 10$ a month one could sustain that on the allowed data in 8-12 hours…

ofc one could keep a basic subscription of 3$ a month and then because there isn’t any commitment to the extended monthly subscriptions, then for 30$ upgrade to what will enable 1000gb on the subscription…

sure as a backup solution if you got the bandwidth anyways… but if you got the bandwidth and not using it then you are basically just burning money every month for nothing… so in the end you would need to buy extra data… ofc if you run into like a 14 day period were ones internet would be down… then it could be a viable way to keep the node alive…

tho here it would be barely profitable even under the best of circumstances and one would have to restrict uploads… but the node could essentially survive on that for …
well close to a month or more based on my current traffic

The tunneling will reduce your traffic as well. We are talking not using it as a primary connection, it’s just to do not break the monthly offline limit. My current subscription is allow me to spent 10GB of mobile traffic with a 10Mbit speed (depending on location, it can be up to 300Mbit, I just checked in my current location). With stopped uploads it can be exhausted for 24hours, then it will work with bandwidth of a few kbps to the end of the month. However, I can add an additional packet 20GB for $7.64 and keep it running further.

perfectly valid stop gap measure that’s for sure…

Thanks for all the nice feedbacks. None of my routers can actually work with a sim card as backup so it’s not possible to do an automate failover, need to check how I could do that hopefully with the new provider. This one doesn’t allow me to change the router as in replace it, don’t want two devises running so the one from ISP for connection only and then one for all DHCP / etc.

Stupid question: As my node was offline / not reachable, how can I find out the audit rate / faileds?

  • successrate.sh or earnings.py won’t show it as it doesnt write logs about it (as it was offline)
  • When I look at the webinterface I see uptimes 99.9% or 99.8%

Wasn’t there an API call or so?

Thanks and oh - node was back since 14:20 … so ‘just’ 5 hours or so

My router is able to use a LTE USB modems and can use a WiFi connections.
I usually start hot spot on my phone and router automatically switch over to it if my main channel is down or have a connectivity problems (we have a gov bureau to limit our access to the internet).

earnings.py uses your local databases, so it should work.
Uptime is not currently used for disqualification, it is redesigning:

Thanks. I just found that I might be able to connect my phone with USB and it tries to use tethering in case connection dies. Will test that the next days. The function is disabled by the provider but looks like the standard setting are active but I can’t change stuff even though it’s greyed out in the webiniterface.

For the earniings.py where could I see it? Status OK / audit score is the old one no?

June 2020 (Version: 9.1.1)						[snapshot: 2020-06-12 19:59:11Z]
Upload			Ingress		-not paid-			   774.67 GB
Upload Repair		Ingress		-not paid-			    36.26 GB
Download		Egress		20   USD / TB			   140.40 GB	      2.81 USD
Download Repair		Egress		10   USD / TB			    20.42 GB	      0.20 USD
Download Audit		Egress		10   USD / TB			     3.06 MB	      0.00 USD
Disk Current		Storage		-not paid-	     4.07 TB
Disk Average Month	Storage		1.50 USD / TBm	     1.45 TBm			      2.18 USD
Disk Usage		Storage		-not paid-	     1.05 PBh
Total							     1.45 TBm	   971.75 GB	      5.19 USD
Estimated total by end of month				     3.68 TBm	     2.46 TB	     13.16 USD

Payout and held amount by satellite:
us-central-1		    7	    1.90 USD	  0.5964 USD	  25%	   0.1491 USD	  0.4473 USD
	Status:OK (Audit score:1000)
europe-west-1		    7	    1.51 USD	  0.5189 USD	  25%	   0.1297 USD	  0.3892 USD
	Status:OK (Audit score:1000)
europe-north-1		    3	    1.32 USD	  1.8702 USD	  75%	   1.4026 USD	  0.4675 USD
	Status:OK (Audit score:1000)
asia-east-1		    7	    2.69 USD	  0.4454 USD	  25%	   0.1113 USD	  0.3340 USD
	Status:OK (Audit score:1000)
saltlake		    5	   10.88 USD	  1.6886 USD	  50%	   0.8443 USD	  0.8443 USD
	Status:OK (Audit score:1000)
stefan-benten		    7	   16.99 USD	  0.0721 USD	  25%	   0.0180 USD	  0.0541 USD
	Status:OK (Audit score:1000)
TOTAL				   35.30 USD	  5.1916 USD		   2.6551 USD	  2.5365 USD

What you want to find?
Uptime? It’s not used right now because of re-designing.

Hi Alexey, forgive my ignorance - I was just trying to find out (as my node was off for 6 hours ±) where can I see the impact? If uptime checks are irrelevant audit checks should be - but they are in the webinterface still 100%.
I’m an active reader but I probably lost the understanding of why nodes get DQed… I though it’s audits… but once my node is offline the logs for successrate.sh won’t show failed audits and in the earnigs.py I see audit score 1000 as well but this is also no more isn’t?