I lost access to my buckets? Please help

I can not access any more my buckets. I thought only the encryption password is neccesary. I cleaned up a littel my generated API keys. Then I setup the uplink cli in windows new. And now I have

PS C:\Users\JensAmberg\tardigrade> .\uplink_windows_amd64.exe ls
Error: bucket: metainfo error: Unauthorized API credentials

Also with the version v0.34.6

you can get new api key and use same encryption password. api key lets you access the encrypted data, encryption key lets you decrypt it

This is what I thought. But it does not work. I get
Error: bucket: metainfo error: Unauthorized API credentials

seems you are not setting api key correctly. maybe you are copying space before or after the key?

Can you say how to clean up uplink setup ? Where is in windows the folder of this metadata

I use linux so not sure on windows.

I normaly use also Linux. But does not work anymore see here my post

Ok on windows I have acces again. I was necesary to delete the Storj Folder located in