I’m not able to change my forum profile picture

Hey there,

I’m not able to change my profile picture of this forum.

Any idea?

Thx in advance

This is not a bug, this is how it is configured. We have had attempts to impersonate staff in the past using Storj logo.
So, changing a picture is disabled.

Sorry, but feeling like a second class forum user, as so many have individual profile pictures.

You used to be able to link it to your github to show profile picture.

Also the background pic on your profile can be changed atleast when trust level is high enough

Linked, not working.

Don’t think so, as Alexey mentioned:

Yea not your profile pic the one behind it when you got your profile can be changed see mine I you got my profile I have some of my ai art on my profile but the pic behind the profile picture (like a Facebook Cover photo)

I have changed the setting, and Regulars can change their avatar.


A minimum achievement. Thank you.

FaceWhat? :innocent: :wink:


See good stuff hahahahh thanks @alexy