I need help to acces ./gateway_linux_arm run outside my container


my tardigrade account works fine. However I need it on QNAP NAS. I am running ./gateway_linux_arm run in a docker ubuntu container. Inside the container I have acces. But i forward port 7777 to outside the NAS. But outside I have no access. Can somebody help me

root@DESKTOP-M0C3J7T:~# aws s3 --endpoint= ls s3://s3testtest

HTTPConnectionPool(host=‘’, port=7777): Max retries exceeded with url: /s3testtest?prefix=&delimiter=%2F&encoding-type=url (Caused by NewConnectionError(’<botocore.awsrequest.AWSHTTPConnection object at 0x7fada52074a8>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused’,))

By default the gateway will listen on localhost. Did you change that to your internal ip?

@littleskunk Thanks for answer. But how can I change it ?


Thanks. I found the file but what to change can you give me hint ?

Replace everything that looks like loocalhost :slight_smile:

Ok will try to replace. But to what I have to replace for localhost ?

ifconfig should give you the ip of the container.

or just “:port” that will take all available ip addresses.

Thanks will give it a try