I need help to run "earnings.py" Script

I got payment issues for the month of October. I posted in the forum and I was suggested to use the script “earnings.py” to get the payout history.

I’m a noob! I’m don’t know anything about command line or python. Please can someone post a step by step guide on how to use the “earnings.py” script on a GUI windows version node? Thank you.

  1. Install the python from the Microsoft Store (!!)
  2. Download RAW script from the https://github.com/ReneSmeekes/storj_earnings/raw/master/earnings.py and save it
  3. Run from the PowerShell:
python ~\Downloads\earnings.py D:\storage 2020-10

Where is D:\ is a disk with data, the storage is a folder where all databases (*.db) are located

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Please don’t open up multiple threads for 1 question…

@Alexey can you please merge or delete?

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Thank you for suggestion!
But I’ll move it to the faq section instead. This will be a setup guide for the earnings.py

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Its not working, am I doing something wrong?

Please, run the python.
Seems the latest Windows require to install it from the Microsoft Store :confused:

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try running it via “python3” instead of “python”

The latest Python from Microsoft Store worked! Thank you.