I noticed my suspension score dropped on Saltlake

Since update to latest 1.40.4 I noticed my suspension score dropped on Saltlake, and have no idea why.

Search in logs for errors related to blobs or databases
See also https://support.storj.io/hc/en-us/articles/360042257912-Suspension-mode

I stopped and started my node and suspention went up ot 98.34%. Again never seen this behaviour. I checked recent logs snd there are a lot of warning and error logs that others have reported on unexpected your node couldnt be reached which is related to UDP port and mine is blocked.

No blobs errors.
Or database errors

Note audit score is 100% in the first screenshot.

@Alexey , whatever it was must have fixed itself. It seems to be back to 100% again and I am none the wiser. Since I did stop the node my online time did go down slightly on some other satellites but no impact.

Now it is a bit concerning that after the update the suspension score plummeted down. As I didn’t receive any email notification from StorJ it must have been some kind of a localized bug on my node rather than actual suspension score from the satellite?

Checked today and this is what I see on the dashboard.

You will receive an email when your node is suspended (the online score is below 60% or suspension score is below 60%) or disqualified (the audit score is below 60%).

Seems your setup have had a problem with storage, which resolved after restart. But if the problem has started to appear, you likely will see it again.

Did you try to search for errors in your logs?

I would recommend to check your disk on errors when storagenode is stopped. It would not harm if you check the SMART status for your disk too, maybe it has issues and you would need to replace it soon.