I received Tardigrade email limits to 0GB without adding CC

Hello I received an email from Tardigrade when I not add a CC my limits will decrease to 0GB. I thought 25 GB will be for free? However I think in general a 5 GB free plan is good that people can test Tardigrade

After adding a credit card you will get 1 TB for free.

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I have trouble understanding the email. Do we get 1TB for free until production? Meaning at that time the 1TB credit is forefit? And whatever remains in the bucket starts to be billed?

Also, when $50 STORJ is deposit, is that immediately converted to USD, and storj forefit? Meaning, there is no way to withdraw a credit of STORJ in the tardigrade account?

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I have contacted the billing team to clarify the exact length of time the 1 TB free limit will stay active, and at what point after your limit was increased to 1 TB you would start to get actually charged for usage. I agree this needs clarification.

Regarding the second question, please note that your account is NOT a STORJ token wallet. Any STORJ deposited to your account will immediately be converted to its USD equivalent at the current exchange rate at time of deposit. You will NOT be able to later withdraw STORJ tokens from your account. The deposits are only useable for pre-payment of renting space and bandwidth on the V3 network.


I have gotten the following feedback about the free 1 TB limit:
If we launch with the product release any day in February, the 1 TB credit will last until March 31, since the month of February is a partial billing period. On the other hand, if we launch March 2 or any other day in March, the credit will last until end of April's billing period.

Hope that clarifies the 1 TB coupon duration question.