I think i found a sneaky MEMEer here, opinions?

But im not sure about it…

(its from the storj web page)

What is this?
20 characters

I noticed some memes in the blog, posted via link here somewhere regarding replication.

As you can see, the pattern of the meme (bottom)
has similarities with the “about us” category.

I just presented them together, no further editing.

I thought this could be intentional, maybe an hint that the only technical described picture was black and white. (The one who knows, jokingly?)

But i could be wrong.

Thank you for clarifying.
I didn’t know what you meant

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I don’t know who flagged it as off topic, but I accepted the flag and will keep the post hidden because it is very much off topic and it is also inappropriate.

This is a company technical forum, not Instagram.


Actually, as for this particular thread, I believe it is very much on the topic. Well, intranet it is not, company technical forum looks like a far cry, however, community forum probably very much it is, the case is what a community the company likes it to make out of it, nevertheless, my question is still valid, who out of this community is pictured in those pixies. :- )

This is a link to the Storj Leadership page

This also exists.(i took as source)

After all. Sadly i recognise the only known memer is me. (Of course i know him)

But did i find a wrong or outdated link?

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With full respect, it seems you guys are still not quite ready for the investment. However, this was not my question. I was asking about the pixies. I will try to run some graph based AI clustering algorithms to match the nicks to the respectable pixies in order to better understand the company organizational matrix structure. :- )

You are asking who in the Leadership page is in the Community? Everyone listed there has probably made a post or been in a Town hall at one time or another. None of the existing Community staff is listed under Leadership.

Everyone except (AFAIK) Heunland, littleskunk, and me use real names in the discord. This isn’t to hide our real names, but just a hold over from being with the company a very long time when aliases were more common in the beginning. In addition, in my case, most of the company refers to me as Knowledge as there are other Kevin’s within the organization, and it makes it less confusing.

But everyone else like JG, JT, that post here are using their real names or initials.


lol. It took me a moment to understand it :smiley:

You are onto something. I mean you don’t expect someone from marketing to know all the technical details. They just need to know enough to sell the product.

Anyway more than once I have been impressed how much they still know about the current implementation. I was lucky to meet the marketing team on a conference near by. I would say it was a great knowledge transfer in both direction. Working in the engeneering team usually means you get cut off from the acutal customer needs. I am so glad I can talk direclty to the people you have listed. From my point of view that is the key to success.


Finaly found the real Meme-expert here!
Im glad someone found the funny part.

Im happy to hear that. I never had a single doubt about this.

I apologise if anybody was offended.
The Storj-Team does an amazing job.

Im sorry if i confused some non-meme affine members.
I just wanted a little break.

Now i go back to monitor my nodes (2), and raise my kids (also2). (Yes, in that order.)


Would you say that your 2 nodes give you more profit than your 2 kids? :scream:


ummmm, do i have to take into account that they are on total different budgets? :rofl:


No, I am not. I read this forum mostly not being logged in, not sure if it makes any difference at all. To be honest, in general, taking into consideration the very recent events, it looks to me like you are creating completely unnecessary situations. To sum up, I am sorry, I really cant commit more time to write replies in and on this topic.