I want to create a new node but no email

Hi All,

Is there any reason why I am not reciving the Auth Token email from storj when trying to create a new storage node? I have been trying everyday for about a week with no results.

I have checked spam etc.


try it without add blocker.
or with another browser … phone
the email came to me in a few hours (3 weeks ago)

yeah… if you have an ad blocker or are running pihole you need to disable those.

I used Chrome without plugins to get mine.
Firefox with Ublock and Pihole did not work, even when disabled.

Ha, I use both Pi-hole and add blockers… i know you dont need both but I leave the add blockers on when I use my laptop outside my personal wifi…

Let me use a vpn on Opera…

Thanks for the tips all!

and like that… it worked!

Thanks all!!!


Firefox do have an own integrated adblocker.

that explains the last part.
Time to fix the site and stop using things to track people.