I want to delete or disable my account and uninstall "uplink CLI" from my ubuntu based distro, can admins help me please?

Hi, i have no more need to use my storj forum account and like this user Why FULL delete of account on forum disabled? - #5 by anon68609175 i want delete or disable it, my posts are older than 60 days, so if i understand well, the admins can only use the “Anonymize User” button to anonymize all posts and remove any personal information.

I would also like to uninstall the uplink CLI program from my ubnutu based distro but I don’t know how, I try to use sudo remove uplink and sudo uninstall uplink but neither of the 2 worked because the “command not found” error appears.

thank you for assistance!

Hello @anon16730638 we are sorry to see you go!

Once you have received all necessary help uninstalling uplink CLI please send me a DM and I will anonymize your account.

Hello @anon16730638,
The uninstallation of uplink is just removing the uplink binary.
If you followed the guide, it should be located here: /usr/local/bin/uplink, so you need to delete it:

sudo rm /usr/local/bin/uplink

You may also delete accesses and the config

rm -rf ~/.local/share/storj/uplink
rm -rf ~/.config/storj/uplink

@bre sorry but i don’t know how to send a DM but i have just removed correctly storj application so i’m ready to disable my account . thank you!

Thank you for notifying me.
Sorry to see you go.
Anonymizing you now

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