I want to know how much I will get payout and when it will be calculated and I can see the earnings

But still band with I have to taken into considerations…

I am sorry I couldn’t provide a better solution to your issue. On behalf of fellow SNOs I wish you all the best in your future ventures.

I hope 1 day you would come back to Storj. :slight_smile:

Please remember that you only get 5% of the normal traffic when your node is still in vetting. Once you complete vetting, your node will get more data and more earnings. Also, the payout you receive in the first 3 months is only 25% of your total earnings, as 75% is held back. This is to give SNOs an incentive to stay long term. We also caution SNOs against expecting to cover electricity, internet service or cost of hardware adquisition just from running a node. You should only use equipment that you have already running and online for other purposes. If you would give it a try for a bit longer I would expect that you would see your income rise as your node builds reputation. It would be unfortunate if you decided to leave the network after such a short time, just based on your first month of low payout, and forfit the held back amount that we will have to use now to repair the data pieces you are going to drop as soon as you take your node offline.