I want to know how much I will get payout and when it will be calculated and I can see the earnings

I have started my node on 15th November 2019, till 30-Nov I can see bandwidth usage is 102 GB and Disk usage is around 12 TB (I have allocated only 500GB Physically)…I want to know how much I will get payout and when it will be calculated and I can see the earnings… I am on V3. Update time is 99.4% and Audit is 100%

You can use this to calculate your payout.

Payouts are made for previous month in the first 2 weeks of current month. An announcement is made when payouts are done for everybody here.

If you still didn’t get paid after 2 weeks you can ask for help and mention your wallet id and node id.

Please wait with filing any support tickets regarding payouts until after an announcement has been made about the payouts having completed. We get a lot of premature “I didn’t get all my payouts” messages from eager SNOs every month who did not wait for the announcement. Thanks!


Thanks for the reply… I have checked my payout using the script. Payout is very very low. Last month bandwidth usage is more than 100 GB and disk space too… I dont think Storj will suits for me… because here in India Internet and electricity usage is more costly… Even I am not getting the 5% of the total cost of both(Internet + Electricity) of a month… I am planning to decommission my storJ node…

If any one have any comments pls let me know…

You should try using Raspberry Pi 4 having 4GB Ram with a USB HDD which will use ~4 to 7ish watts (correct me if I am wrong but I googled this). This drastically reduces your power usage thus reducing power costs.

Has your node completed vetting yet? You should see more traffic once that is the case. Also, please remember that a good part of your payouts actually are initially held back (“held amount”) and you will be able to recover part of that held back amount after your node has been online 9 month. If you decommission your node now, you will also forfit any held amount. On the other hand, it was expected that you not run a node just exclusively on a machine dedicated to Storj. You will not make ROI for paying electricity or renting internet. SNOs should use hardware that they have online already for other purposes. Also fyi, we will still be paying surge payouts this month so what the payout estimator calculated does not include the surge, actual payouts will be higher depending on when you started running your node.

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I thought surge payout was to october, dont get me wrong if its for november too im not complaining

The CEO just approved extension of surge payouts today


@heunland thanks to the CEO and the STORJ team for extending the surge time. Many SNO,s earn this reward for the time and the knowledge they give to the comunity, for helping new SNO,s as well as helping someone like me that has been around for some time but have a hard time with Linux, docker or just to understand how things work.

For me I would love to see thoose users helping and explaining, uploading to github for example to be rewarded for their contribution. Maybe not in cash (although I guess many would feel apreciated by that) but maybe a special user description ( as we have storjling, regular, etc)
something that states that this person has done alot for this forum and other SNO,s

I have seen a few during my time here that really sticks out.

Well thats my thoughts.

And thanks again STORJ Team


We already have a bounty program in place (there are issues on github marked as good first issue for volunteer contributors) and also some outstanding members here have been given incentives for their contributions (such as writing a helpful script, making a how to video, etc). The community manager can tell you more about this.

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hi @John.A Thanks for your thoughts. I agree its a great idea to have a tag in place for members who are standouts and especially for members who help other people. To my mind, thats what community is all about.

Ive had a test in place for something that watches the Storj GitHub repos and should automatically allocate flair on the forum account if people are interacting with our repos. Would you be interested in helping me test-drive it so i can make any necessary tweaks? Its one of those things that shows up on my to-do list every week and I’d love to cross it off with your help –

DM me if this sounds interesting to you !! :slight_smile:

When I can see the payment in my wallet ?

Anytime from now till 15th December 2019


What does that means ? is it my monthly payment in $… ?

Its the current value of Storj token currently in your wallet in USD

Is this my last month earnings for the Disk and Bandwidth shared ?

I your incomming “AGE” is no longer than 24h yes. If it is longer than you have to wait for it.

In Last month 15 days Internet bandwidth used is more than 100GB and 12TB disk space including of all Ingre & Egre (Physically shared 500GB disk space)…
Apart from Above I have shared electricity and CPU as well… the price mentioned which is 0.49$ which is not even 0.1 % of my total investment… I don’t fee storj will suit for me…
I am going to decomissionin my node by today EOD,

Thanks for the support, replies and sharing your thoughts.

Bye Guys…
S Dhinesh Kumar

Have you taken a look at Raspberry Pi ? Select country as India.