I will leave, the payout is a mess

A i have 5-8 nodes on one pc, hapend that used exidently same intentity on second node, so node was DQ. Bad HDD wire, some time make bad things and in the end of DQ, Some time wrong settings.
So everything you do check twice.


Oh ok thanks. Im totally new to this Storj HDD renting system. If there are any tips you can pass on they would be appreciated. Thanks again.

If you change something on your storage node always assume the worst. Always assume you have done something wrong and if you don’t find the mistake your storage node will get disqualified. With that in mind just doublecheck everything.

I usually close my external port for this. I make sure my node is offline and can’t receive audits. Then I start the node and check the storage node dashboard. Is it showing the data that I would expect? If not I can just fix it and thanks to the closed port I don’t need to rush it. As soon as I have double checked everything I will open the port and wait for the first audits to fly in. If I am failing audits I shutdown the node asap before I try to look what happend. With this strategy I can usually catch most of my mistakes without getting DQed.


correct me if I have interpreted the above by littleskunk stopping the node will prevent my node from failing audits.

Yes the audit is only “failed” if it asks the node and the node does not send the correct shard.

If the node is offline, the Audit can’t access it to ask for a shard.

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For the record, shard was a V2 thing :slight_smile:


I’m using the “Term of art” excuse :wink:
I’ve always called the separate chunks “shards” :smiley: