I would like to change my wallet where to collect the storj

I would like to change my wallet where to collect the storj.

Every month I collect the storj and then send it to the exchange.

I would like to save this commission.

The month of December does not charge it. It does not reach the minimum threshold.

If I change my wallet now, will my payment for the month of December be lost? or will the December and January payment be paid in the next payment? if I reach the minimum threshold.

I believe you can stop and remove your node docker container (if that’s what you use), adjust settings to put in your new wallet address (double check it’s the right one and correctly spelled! :slight_smile:) and then start it again.

Future payements should then go to your new wallet address, any pending payments included.


Thanks a lot.

I’ll keep it in mind.

I will surely change it tonight.

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You’re welcome.
And to be sure, just have a look at your dashboard after the address change, to confirm the node did register your new wallet address correctly.

This works. I did exactly this about 5 days before the end of last month and it registered on the other end for January payments.

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Let me be curious. How can you save the commission?

I don’t really see the way how can I take out my 50$ from the MEHWALLET without paying 50$ for it :slight_smile:

If I receive my storj in my cold wallet and I want to send them to exchange to change them to fiat.
When you send them they charge you a commission.
That commission, “gas”, is very expensive these days and a large part of the profits are lost on shipping.

I have the same problem. Have you find any solution?

@Gerarardit One post got flagged as the solution for this issue (see top of this thread).

Doesn’t it work for you? What difficulty are you facing?

I did the same almost a year ago. Changed to my Binance address so I don´t have to use “gas” when I want to excange. Works fine for me :slight_smile:

I know how to change but I don’t know which exchange use the only i know is exchange but you can’t put it in stork node because your direction changes

How the Binance address helps to you to avoid of the gas prices?

My crypto knowledge is limited, and I don’t see the way, how can one Wallet can be a better way than an other.

Binance is not a wallet but an exchange

What he did previously was receive the Storj payments into his wallet, he then had to pay fees to transfer them to his exchange account.

By directing the payment directly to his exchange account, he has the full amount available to trade with on the exchange.

This, however, comes with a downside: you risk losing all your coins in case the exchange gets shut down oder hacked AND the exchange deposit adress could change (it doesn’t at Binance, I think - at least for ETH it doesn’t), which would result in payments getting lost.

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Okay, I got it. Clear as a sky.

Zero transmission cost, but you rely on an exchange.

The transaction cost is actually zero because Storjlabs pays those fees when paying your node earnings!

When you transfer the amount from an exchange to somewhere else, you will have to pay a fee to the exchange.

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@zolbarna , it´s just like @twl says. There is a risk, but I do this just for fun, and have small payments. If you want to HODL it´s probably best to use a secure wallet.
Last April I decided to excange my STORJ (and some other small amounts of altcoins) to BTC on BINANCE. Over the last few months this has become a nice sum of value :smiley:


Ty guys. It’s clear now. :slight_smile: