I would like to enquire: When will I receive my commission?

Dear customer service, I established a 1TB US node around November 11, 2023, and about 500GB has been used so far. My node panel doesn’t show up.
I would like to enquire: When will I receive my commission? What else do I need to do to withdraw my commission? Thank you

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Thanks for the reply, and please: because my panel has not been showing ({
“Statuses”: null,
“Help”: “To access Storagenode services, please use DRPC protocol!”,
“AllHealthy”: true
}), so I don’t see my earnings. In this case, do I just have to wait?

How are you trying to access the dashboard ?

I was accessing my dashboard remotely and the port mapping was also tried. Thank you

Are you able to access your dashboard now and see your accumulated earnings ?

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You are accessing incorrect port.
Dashboard is 14002 by default.


Currently, I am still unable to access my dashboard. Are you customer service? Can I send you my account so that you can help check the benefits and solutions.

Because I’m remote accessing, I still can’t see the dashboard with the xshell channel port biography function.

I am not a customer service representative but a fellow SNO. Did you follow the steps given in above link “How to remote access the web dashboard” ?

Propably you did not define the option to use zksync-era, wich i can only recommend if you are blockchain affine.

The payout will be done when the fees are max.25% of the payout total.
Since you started the node last month or so, it will be collecting Heldback amount right now.
Your payout accumulates in the first months or year to be big enough to be worth the fees to pay out.

Taking al these in mind, a 1TB drive will not make up the electricity its using, also its only profitable in the case its running anyway. (or can be expanded/changed after its full)
I wish you the patience to be a SNO and welcome to the community!

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I would start with this. You can ssh tunneling to access the dashboard without exposing it to the whole internet. The port at which the dashboard is listening is in the config file (unless you remapped it with docker or otherwise)

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I still cannot access my dashboard, so I cannot see any information. Can customer service help me? Or should I close this node and start setting up again?

ID Hidden


Uptime 376h33m25s

Available Used Egress Ingress

Bandwidth N/A 0.86 TB 32.07 GB 0.82 TB (since Nov 1)

Disk 219.42 GB 0.78 TB


External Hidden: 28967

How did you try to open a dashboard? From the same host where node is located or from the other device?
If from the other device, please use this guide: How to remote access the web dashboard - Storj Docs
Please also check your logs for errors.