I would like to know how our pending payments are saved?

Hello everyone.
I have a question about payments in Storj (the old ones).
I just saw on the Dashbord v1.24.4, that there is an “Undistributed payout” column in dollars.
I would like to know how our pending payments are saved. In Storj Token at the time I should have been paid or the amount?

Example: in January I should have received 200 Storj chips (value=$0.10) = $20.

Is it the 200 tokens that are withheld or the $20 (which fluctuates with Storj’s rate) when the payment exceeds the 25% fee?

Thank you for your time,

Hello @marcStor3,
Welcome to the forum!

All our software have a deal with USD values. The payout converted to STORJ only on send date.
We do not want to force you to take market risks, thus all pending payouts are accumulated in USD.
When your node would clear the threshold limit - it will receive exact amount of USD which we owed you converted in STORJ tokens on send date.
If you would like to take a market risk, you can opt-in for zkSync and receive your payout independently of minimum threshold and high fee on L1. In such a case you can withdraw tokens when you want.
You also free to play on the market, we do not force you to do so.