Idea - Storj online store

If Storj had an online store that would allow us to purchase gear (Shirts, Hats, Hard Disks) using our StorJ tokens that would be amazing.

Or maybe even a “Storj Appliance” (with HDDs of various capacities or HDDless with a few empty bays for future expansion)?
Could be a sexy bit of kit…

I think there are some third parties that do this kind of thing already. I bought a coffee mug off one years ago. We did talk, a long time ago, about having a store where you could buy things with Storj Tokens, but the people looking into it were shuffled around and I imagine it is also a fair bit of work for someone to setup and manage and it may not pay for itself.

As the company grows larger though, these kind of things may become more viable.


Exactly! As soon as we get large enough we can run our own store in house and we can set the store up to collect and process different currencies. Currently we have a SWAG store with a vendor for our events but at this time it does not accept Crypto. Storj Online Store