Identity Confusion

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to my post to help.

I have some storage servers, I learned about storj yesterday and want to try it out with one.

I set everything up through the truenas app, follow the guide as closely as I can, though my storj node does not go online, after the app is up and running.

I’m kind of thinking my problem is something to do with identity, as I have verified it’s none of the issues here

Truenas generates an identity on its own in /mnt/pool/storj/identity, but the storj docs tell me to make my own in a terminal, with a non root account. (Step 5. Create an Identity - Storj Docs)

Perhaps this is where I am getting confused, and messing something up? not really sure how the storj truenas app is supposed to use contents of a folder in an arbitrary location :thinking: Especially when it generates one on install anyways.

generaly spoken, you create, sign(mail and auth-token), check, and backup the identity.
you can even do it on an other, more powerful pc.

but i dont know how to integrate it in the truenas app.
but im sure my fellow sno s will help out here.

Welcome to the community!
wish you a good start

Thank you so much for replying. May I ask, do you operate a Node? What route did you go to setup yours?


I operate 2 Nodes. both the Windows Path. (as im not realy firm with linux/Truenas)

  1. one is my minipc with teamspeak as an main task (12TB external WB usb, 8TBfilled)
    it struggled with the vast amount of small files at arounf 7TB. so i decided to split the load in half. later i added an flashdrive for the Databases

  2. is my Gaming pc running the private minecraft server and an pi node.
    upgraded with an 20TB toshiba (2TB full) and an 1TB NVME +32GB ram, UPS and Primocache
    i made a pic:

my 2TB sata ssd was the second drive of my old pc wich i took as an os ssd with the new pc in 2021. old one was from 2009.(gpu and ssd upgraded over time)

Lucky me, my 1 Node was Profitable after 17 Months (bought the 12tb drive, against advice)
i do not expect the 2. node to be profitable soon :sweat_smile:

But you will be fine if your clustersize is small.and running what you have.
providing writecache helps a lot winning races with the big files (needs UPS). read cache is 25GB per TB node data enough.

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Wow thank you for this insight.

currently im trying to cluster 2 servers i have, each with 16gb ram, and e3-12## cpus.

They both have 12 drives, totalling about 70tb, 100tb including cache drives.

I have a UPS, and might be willing to put another 10 servers on, to bring total to 600tb or so.

I know this is all offtopic for this thread, but Do you think it’s likely that they will be filled anytime soon?


With that hardware maybe you can: Announcing Storj Commercial Storage Node Operator Program

On a single IP, depending on your geographic location and your infrastructure, you can get around 10Tb per year. The data belongs to customers, therefore not predictable


Hello @lol ,
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Yes, TrueNAS Scale TrueChart will generate and sign the identity with the provided authorization token.
You may check your identity from the container’s terminal:

grep -c BEGIN /app/identity/ca.cert
grep -c BEGIN /app/identity/identity.cert

Should return 2 and 3 accordingly.

The offline usually related to your external IP and port forwarding rules, so this would be your next check - make sure that your WAN IP on your router (usually the start page or Status page) is matched IP on Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router and you used this IP with a port via colon in the ADDRESS configuration option of your container, or used the DDNS hostname. If the latter - you also need to configure to update this DDNS hostname in the DDNS section of your router, or use an app from your DDNS provider.

Is there a soc2 cert? Then maybe check the commercial program.

Im a bit late to the party. :joy: