`identity create storagenode` crashes Raspberry Pi

After about 10 minutes of running the command, it crashes my Raspberry Pi. Any ideas/solutions as to what I can do?

It is usually better to run the identity heavy calculation on a powerful PC (it’ll be faster anyway).
Then when it’s ready, you can use it on your target Storj system (in your case, an RPi).

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How do I copy it over to my target system?

I’ve generated it on my PC @Pac - how do I move it over?

Identity Generation utilizes the raspberry CPU to 100%. Maybe it just gets too hot? Do you have active cooling for the Pi?

I do have a cooling system, but I’ve given up and just run the command on my main PC.

You can use scp command (comes with ssh):

scp -r ~/.local/share/storj/identity raspi_user@raspi_ip:storj

or rsync:

rsync -aP ~/.local/share/storj/identity raspi_user@raspi_ip:storj

Not sure what you’ve given up exactly (generating the identity on the RPi I assume).

To transfer the identity (once generated on your main PC) there are 2 main ways:

  • Use a USB key, or an external disk
  • Transfer it over the network - @Alexey’s solutions are perfect for that (if your PC is on Linux/Mac - if on Windows, you may need some other softwares to do the same, like WinSCP)