Identity for new node is not possible

Hey There
after my provider made some changes on my internet connection the connection went down
in my holidays for 14 Days and the whole nodes are gone.

now i try to setup a new node, when i try to authorize the identity via PowerShell (windows)
i got the following error messages

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> ./identity.exe authorize storagenode
2022/09/01 21:08:43 proto: duplicate proto type registered: node.SigningRequest
2022/09/01 21:08:43 proto: duplicate proto type registered: node.SigningResponse
2022-09-01T21:08:43.932+0200 INFO Anonymized tracing enabled
Error: context canceled

could someone help me?
thanks upfront


Looks like the auth server is not accessible from this PC. Your ISP may block outgoing requests, or you have a firewall with outbound rules. In the last case you need to disable all outbound rules and try again.

i setup all ports in my Fritzbox
i setup DynDNS (NO-IP) in my Fritzbox
i setup Firewall rules for all Ports TCP and UDP

i Dont get it

Please remove all rules which you have created. You would need only one inbound rule in the next step - when you would configure port forwarding. But right now to sign an identity you do not need any rules, especially - outbound rules.

You can recover your old nodes after 14 days of downtime.


I moved house and online scores dropped to 50%, be patient and it does start coming back up!

I also had some issues with my ISP as they use CGNAT, might be something that they’ve done that isn’t helping?

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