Identity_linux_amd64 "running on not allowed/outdated version"

Trying to create a new identity, downloaded latest copy of from the quickstart guide. Execute binary and get:

2019-09-05T14:56:02.919-0500 ERROR running on not allowed/outdated version v0.17.0
2019-09-05T14:56:02.919-0500 FATAL outdated software version (v0.17.0), please update

Hello @Nastea!

All of our tools are versioned, to ensure they are compatible.
Please download the latest tool from our releases page here:

That should fix the error!

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Thank you. That’s what I needed, the link on the “Quick Start” guide:

Links to here:

@Nastea it appears the links in the docs were pointing to v 0.17.0

Good catch! They have just been updated :slight_smile: