Identity Qnap Nas

Hey, I was just setting up my node on my qnap nas and I got everything figured out except for the identity. I made the identity on my PC and copied the files over to my nas. I am pointing at the files in the Storj app but it ways "The identity files don’t exist at the path selected. Please create identity or copy the identity folder at the given path.

I have set “Guest” access to r/w and I did the same thing with the “evreyone” status. Im stuck at this point. Any advice?

In my case, the folder names Identity which include revocations.db and a folder named storagenode.
I put my key files in the storagenode folder as same as your Token folder.
I text my Identity folder to storj identity path.
Hope this would help you.

I am using docker directly to start my storagenode on my QNAP system.
I put the identity files here: