If a node is disqualified from a sat. is it permanent or will it become re-qualified at some point?

I had to move my node to a new drive over the last few days due to the original drive developing a lot of errors, After getting all the files moved, I restarted the node and eu1 audited a missing file so it has DQ’d me. Am I dead to that satellite or will it continue to audit and take me off the naughty list eventually?

It is permanent. Yes, u dead to this satellite

So after running this node for literally years, best thing is to blow it all away and start again then…
Unfortunately I got a very large percentage of my data to and from that one

Please before you take any drastic action, double check if the node was really disqualified and not just suspended. If it is suspended, you may still be able to continue operating and get out of suspension. Also, if the node is not disqualified on the other satellites, there is no need to discard it and start over from scratch, you can continue operating it on the other satellites. Before starting a new node, please check why you lost data and remedy the problem.


I know why the data was lost, the drive I was moving data from had bad spots. Some files were damaged and not recoverable in the blobs directory for that satellite. It took me over a week to move the files to the new drive prior to moving the entire service to the new drive. Its definitely disqualified and not suspended. The problem now is that with the loss of that satellite I am only getting about half of the traffic I was before and since that seems to now be a permanent condition it may make sense to start over clean with a new node

You can start a second node without stopping to operate the existing one. The new node will get data on the EU1 satellite as well as share ingress with the already existing node.
The advantage being that you won´t miss out on egress and storage fees for the data you are already storing on the old node for US1, AP1 and Saltlake satellites, and adding more payouts that you will get from operating the new node. Usage on the production satellites could increase at any time, due to new customers starting to upload and stream data. Just because before most of your payouts came from EU1 doesn´t mean that the other satellites will always continue to be less used in the future.


But remember one drive= one node =+ one cpu core.

If they don´t have a second drive to use for the second node, they could run the second node on the same disk but only for EU1 satellite, thus not exceeding the requirement, while still preserving the benefit of not dropping the already gained data residing on their old node.


Not that this rant will change anything, but you would think that there would be a way to redeem a node that has been running for years, flawlessly and happened to have a drive problem for a day.

This is achieved by generating a new identity, signing it and pass vetting to make sure that the hardware is operational.
The system doesn’t have a memory of the past events, otherwise it also need to treat this failure as a disadvantage factor and increase a vetting for example or reduce a chance to be selected.
I do not think you really want this.
The satellite cannot check every single piece, so it checks only random subsets to make a decision is your node worth its trust or not. The disqualification mean that this satellite doesn’t trust this node (identity) anymore and cannot allow it to return back, because its primary goal to make sure that the customers’ data is in safe and healthy.

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