If I have to change my ISP do I have to start from scratch?

In a couple months I will be switching to a much better ISP with fiber. As a business I specifically require a static ip. So when I switch ill likely be assigned 5 static ip addresses, however I imagine they won’t be exactly the same as my static ip right now. What are the potential consequences of switching my static ip address 3 mohts after setting up a new node?

You might have either more or fewer neighbouring nodes. So you might get less or more ingress


Thank you for your reply, I will take that into consideration as I become more knowledgeable in this field.

Switching a node from one IP to another one causes no issue for the node itself as long as it is reconfigured with the new IP for satellites to reach it, port forwarding is setup correctly and the node is restarted for these changes to take effect.

No need to start from scratch, which is a good news :wink:

As @andrew2.hart mentionned, depending on the /24 subnet of your new IP addresses, you may be sharing ingress with other nodes even though that’s unlikely.

Another thing to note on the same matter is that if the provided 5 IPs are in the same /24 subnet, your nodes would share ingress (should you setup more nodes).
If they are not in the same /24 however, then you’re lucky as it means you would be able to start one node per IP and each one would behave at full speed (i.e. they wouldn’t share ingress).
Something to keep in mind :slight_smile: