IF youre building a POC or coding on us THEN would a UX crash course be helplful?

Hi everyone - I think about devs a lot (of course) and one thing which occurred to me is that most developers I know think that good UX is a value add but are focused on functionality first.

I wodered if folks would be interested in some kind of tutorial on the very basics of UX to use when coding sample apps on our platform. Let me know . I have someone lined up if its of interest to the community. Maybe we could do it as an AMA or maybe a podcast episode.


AMA? :thinking:
Aaah… Had to look it up ^^
“Ask Me Anything” I assume.

I’m curious about UX in general. I think some basic guidelines wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Im asking bc I know from experience that when youre a solo coder, there are sometimes things that you know are good to have, but then making the product just work takes up all your time.

Im aware that although te storage layer is super important, there are also so many other things too. Just trying to think of ways to make our dev’s lives easier and happier!


I would find this very interesting! For me a good UI/UX is one of the most tricky part of an application.


I’m very interested! I think indeed a good UX is a whole other battle then making you code work.

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