IL6 accreditation an option for Storj DCS?

Palantir just got something called a IL6 accreditation, which is something only held by Microsoft and AWS…
i haven’t got the feintest of clues if this is useful, just found it possibly very interesting to StorjLabs

In short IL6 allows DOD and such entities to use the cloud services of a provider.
i’m not going to deep dive this, i’m sure someone else will and if not then i expect StorjLabs to atleast briefly consider the option and if its something they might be able to do.

it just seems interesting and possibly important information to StorjLabs.

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Rather unlikely, IL6 pretty much requires separate hardware located in DoD-approved facilities that is dedicated only to the purposes of IL6, not connected to the open Internet, see e.g. Microsoft’s description:

Physical separation from non-DoD/non-federal government tenants (for example, public, local/state government tenants) is required.

Hi @SGC ,

I have not heard anything internally regarding IL6 at this time, but if the company does make that decision it will be communicated. I’ve passed this on internally to see if anyone has more insight. Excellent question !

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thanks @bre
yeah … one never know where new ideas or paths come from, i know IL6 might be a fever dream…
but i guess then there should also be IL5 and lower… or other interesting things one might have no idea existed.

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Very true and web3 will bring all kinds of interesting things to existing standards.
Definitely an area to watch.