I'm not getting my invite :(

Months ago I signed up for an invite with my secondary email and since then with many of my other emails. In all of my applications I ticked all the boxes, because I fulfill the criteria, but I still haven’t got any invites. I have checked my spam folders, but still nothing…

Try again but first disable AdBlock on your browser

Same here. Wanted to get a second invite to start a second node. Still waiting. 3 Weeks haved passed since than

I’ve had this issue. It’s the ad blocker you might be running on the form. If you whitelist or shut it off while submitting the form, it will work and you’ll get the invite within 10 minutes.


Agree with above, you need to disable ad blocker or for me it was Shield on Brave browser. Then I received it within a minute.

I can confirm that. Invites are normally actually pretty quick to receive.
My adblocker was preventing the form from working too.

Disabling it solved the issue.

It’s suspicious that an adblocker would mess up a form submission though, I’m wondering what’s wrong… Maybe StorjLabs should look into it, considering how many people have an adblocker these days.


If turning off AdBlock don’t work use Chrome, I don’t receive on Safari for example.