I'm unable to open my data bucket

I would like a refund as I’m unable to open the bucket or retrieve any of the data. My credentials are valid and stored in filezilla.

I’m able to login to the bucket but not able to list any contents of the bucket or download any data.

The data appears to be lost entirely.

Hello @jas ,
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  1. Create a new access grant
  2. Setup uplink with this access grant

Then try to list buckets:

uplink ls

If you want to list objects:

uplink ls sj://mybucket

If you used the same encryption phrase, what you used when you uploaded objects, you will see them.
If you lost an encryption phrase, then your objects are lost too.
You can see them in encrypted form though

uplink ls --encrypted sj://mybucket
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Welcome @jas

From my experience, it may well be that your encryption phrase may be wrong.
That would explain why the data appears to be missing in FileZilla.
Worth double-checking you’ve got the correct pass phrase, it may be an easy problem to solve :slight_smile:
Good luck!


I’ve kept the same credentials within filezilla for over 6 months. It’s always worked perfectly. I’m unable to retrieve my bucket data. I would like a refund.

I won’t be asking a third time for a refund.

You wont get a refund coming on here and asking for a refund, You need to use storj support if you have paid for it all this time and get help there. You will need to submit a request. on https://www.tardigrade.io/

I don’t appreciate the aggressive undertones of your message. I appreciate you’re frustrated but this is a community forum and we are not STORJ employees.
This is my last entry into this thread.

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Hello @jas, Unfortunately the refund system is not something that any of us have access to. Please contact Storj with such issues. Thanks very much