Import fees for hardware in covid epoch

import fees suck, and lifting those boxes looks like fun, until it isn’t lol
might not make sense to send expensive gear into russia if one could buy it there instead…
moving is hell, especially if one is hauling around tons of gear… clearly your only sensible option to avoid import fees is to hide it in pallets of coffee and smuggle it that way lol

here its like 200-300$ in value and then it will usually get an import fee… which is always kinda exciting to see, if it gets through.

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Lol, I spent $1000 on my ES45 alone. It’s not the only thing to cost me those types of numbers either. Actually I have noticed prices on a lot of older systems seem to be increasing lately. In large part this is due to legacy systems that have very large costs to be migrated - precisely like process control. Heck, the lab instruments at one site I supported until recently ran on OS2 and I recall one old DOS Pc in the casthouse that was responsible to processing metal castings so that the crystal structure of the metal would be suitable for extrusion. But to buy a new system from the vendor would have cost in the millions of dollars - so it stayed on DOS.

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I work from home too but im to cheap to buy a server rack I want a good sound proof server rack

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Until recently my family and I were living in Siberia. We moved Christmas eve. Yay! Hardware costs there were ridiculous. People were trying to sell Pentium D systems for like $60 US. A C2D system would easily go for $80 US or more even for a very, very basic config. Now we have moved we are in a city which has i5/i7 machines at the same cost as the Siberian D’s. Hence why I’m looking at doing my upgrades now.

But I still import some stuff from the US as well. I picked up a KVM over ip and a 48 port Gigabit switch from ebay US last year for better prices than I could get here. I’d like to get another switch and some more 10Gigabit ethernet Nic’s and SFP+'s this year and connect my NAS to the servers at that speed. (Running Truenas on a Proliant Gen 6 server.)

I feel the pain from importing I still have to import most stuff I buy from USA and the costs are so much higher then if they sold the items here.


american stuff seems so cheap on ebay… but the postage and imports… well i don’t even bother looking
and until recently atleast i could just order stuff from my hardware pusher in britain… oh god’s no…

i bet they are going to cost, more and be slower now… well i guess i better brush up on my german or maybe dutch… the dutch seems very tech, must be affordable hardware around there.

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ok some more pictures now please and less import fees :crazy_face:


That’s true but sometimes for special items you really have no choice than the ebay US market.
I had an SGI Fuel workstation some years ago and would like to replace it sometime and I doubt I’d find it anywhere else except ebay now. I also want an Itanium ZX6000. Again, a rather specialised piece of hardware so ebay it is for that too. I nearly bought one of those whilst I was in Canada but the seller screwed up the shipping and it was unable to get delivered to me. :frowning: I also tend to buy my RAM and SAS drives from ebay US as I find them more reliable than the Chinese sellers.

I feel very lucky being able to buy on Ebay US - my shipping costs are low or zero and I get some nice gear. I just bought an older Supermicro 16 bay server CSE-386 X8SAX for $400 w/shipping. It came with a 500GB drive (for OS etc) and 6GB ram and I moved my (3) 14TB drives there, now I can easily grow it as I fill it over time.

I am a bit envious of others around the world that get much lower electricity costs. I am at 15 cents/KW

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I feel you. and, i am too. Almost everyone around the world has cheaper electricity then i have.

0,30€/KWh in Germany.
Thats 0,36 USD/KWh. It’s rough. Taxes, more taxes, and some more taxes.
Germany is place 2 in electricity cost worldwide…

i got a hate love relationship with Chinese goods.
sure they can do some stuff… i kinda look at it like… if it’s kinda wonkey and i don’t mind repairing / upgrading it a bit and if i’m able to. then i’m less worried about ordering stuff from china.
but generally the more new products, that they are just straight up copying without understanding the nuances of how something works.
that’s just always terrible, so ill buy a hdd if it’s cheap and seem from the brand / model i like.

how do you not pay transport fees from the states… it’s usually always on their listings like something costs 200$ and then 100$ in shipping to europe
i mean american electronics is cheap… like 30% cheaper than here… but not 50% extra price for shipping…
the reason the shipping from china is free and there is no tarrifs is because thats payed for in European taxes, due to china’s state as a developing country and thus it gets a lot of advantages in the global market.
like very limited tarrifs…
so i don’t understand how you can say that you can get cheap american gear… should cost to send it across the pond and basically be free from china