Improve my node

I finish to follow my documentation to setup my brand new node, and now i see all the status on my Ubuntu and i get the conclusion than the node its not using 1% of my available hardware and internet connection bandwidth.

How can i improve my node? like better setup?
changes to config.yaml?
some ideas?

this is my first node, im not very inside of storj-node yet

Im a bit curious what kinda usage you expected to achieve when starting a new node, this storagenode isnt mining. This is a slow start process your node goes though a vetting process which takes about a month to get though sometimes longer depending on how much data is flowing and how many audits your node gets during this process. It takes alot of time to get data also these nodes are used by real customers.

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Before find storj i try filecoin, in filecoin when i run any command everything go to red line.
Now i’m trying storj, and i it seems nothing moves.
are you saying to get the max potential i need to wait until the disk is full?

anyway I dont know i to use [What other commands can I run? - Node Operator](https://What other commands can I run?) from documentation every time i try to use a flag i get and erro or a weard output, so im editing the config.yaml file directly but the comments on the config file give me more questions than answers

If your running this on a powerful system dont expect storj to max out your hardware, storj is meant to be to store data there no compute like filecoin is. For max potential your node will need to have data and be full of data, we get paid for egress not ingress and the amount stored.

I appreciate your replay, it really help me to understand better. thanks

I didn’t quite understand you point @jammerdan

Well you did not tell much about your system, how powerful it is or what disk size you are operrating.
So I gave you links to some of my previous posts to get you an idea what earnings you can expect, and to hint that a powerful computer is not required at all to run Storj.

Yeah, as deathlessdd and jammerdan has said this is not a CPU intensive process. There are a bunch of us using small SoC systems like Raspberry Pis for our nodes, mine is hosting 3 nodes on an RPi3. There is even support for a number of standalone NAS disk systems to natively run a node.

My first node that I set up late in November just tipped over 1TB used of 1.73TB I’ve made available. This is a slow build and also depends on how much data customers are storing.

Im running an ubuntu 18.04LTS on a i7-7700K 4.2GHz with 32 GB RAM +400GB swap and Internet ±500Up/±120down, 4X 18TB HHD

I have plenty of room to twerks and improvements
This i why i made the original post

That is a nice setup. But for Storj only it is way over the top.

Let me quote from another thread:

You’d even might be better off to sell that hardware, buy an Odroid HC-2 with a 16 or 18 TB drive and take the money that is left and buy Storj token.

i cant sell it, its a mining setup with hdd’s :rofl:

Then it is a very good idea to add Storj for additional passive income.
With 4 HDD I’d add 4 nodes, 1 for each HDD.

Btw. what are you mining with the rig?

Yes i agree, i have the machine online anyway

how do i user What other commands can I run? - Node Operator?

You can sell 3 of the HDDs and buy some Storj tokens. Then you run Storj on the remaining 18TB HDD.

the low footprint is one of the things i really like about storj… it doesn’t use any more host resources than it needs… unlike many other projects with spend a ton of resource just for your to prove that you are part of the project basically.

eventually running a storagenode can give good ROI on the resources used, however a powerful system such as yours will never be stressed by a storagenode workload…

its much like your local ssd or hdd’s they will rarely run at full tilt… they could if there was demand, but currently there isn’t and we are seeing many new SNO’s so less data to each SNO.

if you plan to use your system fully for crypto or similar projects, you will need to add more.
only thing i can assure you of is that there is no doubt storj will pay you for the resources they use.

chia is a hot topic in the storage supply community right now… duno if it’s any good… its a gamble, but it will put your system to use… just filecoin and such which imo has unreasonable demands.

also takes time for storagenodes to becomes nice, the first 6 months not much really happens, it just grinds away getting data and integrating into the network…
won’t be anything crazy after that, but by that time it will be on equal level with all other nodes in performance.

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Thanks for Reply @SGC ,

Are you saying there is less demand or there is to much storage for the demand?

I have more stuff, i was lucky to put my hands on one 3090 but they are too expensive now to buy a seccond one, i will wait until buy another GPU.

yes filecoin ask for a top line computer and i dont have it, my cpu its not that top of the line.

I think chia its not like storj or filecoin, it seems in chia there is to storage for third parties, it seem like do the similar with gpus but with hdd, it seems nice if i want freedom to shutdown any time. but it ask for ubuntu 20.04lts and i have ubuntu 1804lts (thisking to dist-update but i’m not sure if will work)

what do you mean ? i didn’t followed


You can easily create a VM

a bit of both, takes time for a new company to do branding, storjlabs might be the leaders of distributed storage, but people that need or benefits from distributed storage might not even know thats what they need…

so the customers haven’t exactly been endless…

on top of that all the crypto hype have made people flock in droves.

but that doesn’t really affect whats SNO’s get paid for the resources that are used, only that one might have extra storage space that is unused, but since storj doesn’t lock down storage space it doesn’t use, then you can do whatever you want with that unused space… so long as the node is left room to grow or limited to a fixed amount of storage.

chia is i duno… major hype right now… increased ssd sales in asia by 500% supposedly, in short it use storage in its consensus algorithm for its blockchain.
which is where the hype comes from i guess… it’s like bitcoin but with hdd’s for mining it…
so one could easily imagine how people could think that is a gold mine…
and maybe it is… i duno… personally i think its crap.
but there isn’t a ton of different distributed crypto storage projects around atleast that i’m aware of…
Chia, Cia, Storj and Filecoin
and then there was or is burst coin… duno if that is really a thing anymore, something happens i think the creators was caught draining the community of the money in circulation…

which is kinda what i expect to happen with chia since it’s almost says they are allowed to do that in their documentation, but i have limited exposure to the details of all that.
and really that doesn’t mean people didn’t make millions on burst coin before it collapsed, i mean some people had like multiple petabyte rigs just dedicated to burst…
so must have been doing quite well back in the day… until it didn’t

Filecoin is the new kid on the block, with big dreams, and lots of bling and hype… is it a good idea and do they actually have a product… i’m not sure… wanted to get into filecoin… but it’s just so damn demanding, sure one can go in at minimum spec… but then their pyramid like scheme just means that a large portion of your work is funneled to the higher tier providers.
so its like i forget how much … easy 10k-20k$ of gear just to be in the minimum specs of their top tier providers.
i want to say 50k$ but it’s been a while since i looked at it and it seems outrageous.
i think their recommendation is like 3 servers, and like a 2080 or better maybe 2
ofc a good deal of storage and cpu’s need to be within a few generations of the latest ones i think due to them requiring some features… i forget which might not be AES but something like that… but AES is ancient… i think, maybe a never version.

Theta - Edge node is a project you can run on just about anything that doesn’t need to require much resources, does require a windows os i think, and it will take about all the resources you allow it to… but again a project that pays well for the resources it uses and doesn’t take resource it doesn’t need…

i mean a storagenode timeline or lifetime looks like this…

1 month vetting starts - not much else happens a slight trickle of ingress
2 month vetting will be about finished on the first sat or two and ingress will be starting to pick up

3-6 month in this time the storagenode starts to get 50% of what it earns paid out, and by the end of the 6th month most nodes will have been vetted by the satellites, if not all.
this means that at the end of this the node will be getting ingress equal to all other nodes in the network and its payout for stored data is 75%

6-9 month 100% payouts and now the node will start seeing more egress with will be the majority of the storagenodes earnings.

15 month at this point the storagenode is suppose to be able to do a Graceful exit… currently at the 6 month mark, a graceful exit if successful will payout your held amount… also at this time 50% of your held amount is automatically paid out, which means that by this point your node basically made it, and is in the zone where it will start giving the best return on investment.

so really the first 6 month’s well you can consider it a boot sequence for the node to integrate into the network, so that the network can trust it doesn’t loose the data.
we call that vetting, a month in theory, but it’s always much longer at present.

thanks I figured out this morning how to compile chia software on ubuntu 18.04lts it already working