In which unit should we specify storage space?

I was just wondering in which unit should we specify the disk space in the docker run command: TiB? Or TB?

Also, in my particular case:

We see that 4,3T is available on the disk I want to dedicate to my new storage node.

What should I specify in the docker run command to avoid issues in the future?

  • -e STORAGE="4.3TB"?
  • -e STORAGE="4.3TiB"?
  • -e STORAGE="4.28TB"? (a little bit less to make sure I won’t lack space)

Thank you all!

Depends - did you run “df -h” or “df -H”? Even so you are supposed to leave 10% free so more like 3.9TB
(It makes sense to use df -H as then it uses the same units as storagenode)

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Thanks for your answer.
I run df -h

Storj uses decimal units, so TB.

Thansk @hoarder

So I suppose I should take this available space into account:

So, if I’m following @andrew2.hart recommendation and leave 10% free, I should use the following in my docker run command, right?

  • -e STORAGE="4.32TB" (4.8 -10% = 4.32) ?

Am I right?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

It is from the install guide

Be sure not to over-allocate space! Allow at least 10% extra for overhead. If you over-allocate space, you may corrupt your database when the system attempts to store pieces when no more physical space is actually available on your drive.

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df -h gives you TiB. You have 4.8TiB free which is roughly 5.28TB.

Sorry, my previous posts were a little bit confusing.
I do have 4.8 TB, not TiB (the second screenshoft is the result of “df - H”).

So could you confirm me that I should set my docker container with 4.32TB space (4.8 - 10% = 4.32)?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Oh, right. Set it to 4.3TB, node will ignore additional precision.

This doesn’t really matter, but Storj supports both units. You can set your storage using TB or TiB and it would use the appropriate unit.