Inactivity penalty time and how to see

Good afternoon,
I understand that we have a maximum time of 5h per month to have our node inactive. My question is.
1.If I have any kind of problem with my ISP, how can I prevent my node from being penalized.
2. How can I find out if my node has been penalized or how much time I have left to carry out maintenance. Thank you.

There is no downtime disqualification or penalty currently

On the website it says that if I am inactive for 5 hours, your node is penalized and has no priority

They’re building the downtime system: Blueprint: Downtime Disqualification

I recommend still trying to keep downtime limited with the assumption that this 5 hour limit will be put back in place (though I think it will be more lenient when the system is done). You can use to monitor the uptime of your node by creating a monitor for your nodes port. It can even send you notifications if the node goes down for some reason.

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Thats awesome thanks you very much dude !