Income from satellite after graceful exit

I just spoke to a friend who has exited 4 satellites last month. That process has finished successfully and they have gotten their held amount back. Yet it seems 3 of the 4 satellites have had dealings with this node this month. One of which actually led to noticeable income. Any idea what’s going on here?

Then this month:

stefan-benten has disappeared from the list as expected, but the other three are still there suggesting there has been either bandwidth usage or storage usage this month. Most surprisingly for asia-east-1 this even adds up to a noticeable earnings amount.
Payout of held amount was done as expected, so no problem there.

Any idea what’s happening here?

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Auditing of nodes that gracefully exited will stop after next release, that might fix this weird situation, but we will still try to figure out if is that the only reason why was that happening. Thanks for report

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Thanks for the response. I think audits may explain the ones that show 0.000 USD earnings, but there was 93KB worth of total audits on this node, that would never add up to 0.0153 USD like is shown for the asia-east-1 satellite. Let me know if I can provide any more info that would be helpful.