Incomprehensible situation with uptime

For 1 week, uptime has changed from 89.7% to 89.8%.
Do I understand correctly that up to 100% uptime will change 102 weeks?
There were no offline nodes on this node this month.


I believe both uptime and audit check percentages are currently calculated for the lifetime of your node. This is however not what the system uses to judge your nodes reputation. For those actual numbers you can use the dashboard API to find the underlying scores. They recover much more quickly.

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But why is there a difference between API and WEB?
WEB - 89.8%
API - 100%
current period - November.

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I’m not sure which number from the API you are referring to. But the API lists, alpha, beta and a final score. Neither of which is the same as the percentage shown on the dashboard. You can calculate that percentage using the successful number of uptime checks divided by the total number of uptime checks though.

And I’ll repeat, these totals are lifetime numbers, not for a specific period.

Could you provide examples of which numbers you are looking at in the API response if you have further questions?

PS C:\Program Files\PowerShell\6> ((Invoke-WebRequest -Uri | ConvertFrom-Json).data
id : 118UWpMCHzs6CvSgWd9BfFVjw5K9pZbJjkfZJexMtSkmKxvvAW storageDaily : {@{atRestTotal=54558135030234,3; intervalStart=01.11.2019 0:00:00}, @{atRestTotal=54492746534191,7; intervalStart=02.11.2019 0:00:00}, @{atRestTotal=55564645459382,6; intervalStart=03.11.2019 0:00:00} , @{atRestTotal=57247281167309,8; intervalStart=04.11.2019 0:00:00}…} bandwidthDaily : {@{egress=; ingress=; delete=0; intervalStart=01.11.2019 0:00:00}, @{egress=; ingress=; delete=0; in tervalStart=02.11.2019 0:00:00}, @{egress=; ingress=; delete=0; intervalStart=03.11.2019 0:00:00}, @ {egress=; ingress=; delete=0; intervalStart=04.11.2019 0:00:00}…} storageSummary : 1575832079777824 bandwidthSummary : 899306823936 audit : @{totalCount=34073; successCount=33867; alpha=19,9999998393179; beta=1,6068212636775E-07; score=0,99 9999991965894} uptime : @{totalCount=78709; successCount=70665; alpha=99,9992331583996; beta=0,00076684160030251; score=0,99 9992331583997}

yeah, dashboard show successCount/totalCount*100 absolutely useless values

70665/78709*100=89,78, so there is your number on the dashboard.
No need to worry though as the node will use the scores for node selection and those look good on your node.

I’ve previously requested they display the scores instead of the lifetime percentages on the dashboard. But so far it hasn’t been changed.


the problem is that when the score is 61% and next percent send node to DQ, the dashboard will still show 89%. You are right of course, this must be urgently corrected