Inconsistent file results in dashboard & aws cli

Hello community!

Recently, I started exploring storj and I noticed a strange behaviour for me. I created a bucket and wanted to start uploading images to it through python boto3. The upload succeeds. I even create a presigned url for uploaded image, which works fine. But when I go to to see my uploads I see nothing. What’s more interesting is that I can see my uploads by using aws s3 ls . Could somebody please help me in understanding this?

Hello @agentpietrucha,
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To see your objects you need to use exactly the same encryption phrase used during upload, otherwise your objects cannot be decrypted and your buckets will appear empty.
Please note, the encryption phrase is not tied to a bucket, it’s used to encrypt/decrypt objects in any bucket. You may even use an own encryption phrase for each object, but to see them again you need to use their encryption phrase.

In the case of S3 credentials you provided/generated an encryption phrase during creation of these credentials.

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