Incorrect assertion about cloudflare R2 in your promo video

Greetings Storj Team:

I watched the promo video on your homepage about the pricing between Storj & other S3 providers. The assertion that “Cloudflare’s free egress only applies to non-production use” isn’t true. I think you were referencing this page, but this doesn’t say you can’t use R2 for production use, it just says you can’t use their domain for production use. You are allowed to use R2 for production use on your own domain and you are allowed to use R2 for video distribution. This is a bad look for Storj and the video should be pulled until it is corrected.


(This was meant to be an email, but storj’s email told me to come here)

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Your post has been forwarded internally.
We appreciate your feedback on the video.