Incorrect calculation of payout


Hi am running a node on a 8Tb disk for 11 months (I am running Storj for more time, since mar/2019, but my previous node which had 4tb had a failed disk and i had to start from scratch) and when i check the dashboard for current earnings it normally shows the by the end of the month i will get something like 20 to 25 USD and in the final day of the month shows more or less that value.
When i check the payment history in the dashboard for previous months, it only show me a value of +/- 7 to 9 USD (which shows only the value of the storage with no egress). I am also using the Earnings calculator [Earnings calculator (Update 2021-03-05: v10.1.1 - Detailed payout information: Now includes comparison to actual payout, postponed payouts due to threshold and transaction links!)] to make a report every day and the global value of it is similar to the earnings that showed in the node dashboard.
My question is why is there such a big difference between the calculation in the last day of the month an the real value that is done to the payout/( or accumulated differed payout). Is there something wrong with my DB’s or the calculation method is not correct? Can someone explain it?
I can send the daily reports / print screens of dashboard, if needed.

It would be great if you could post a screenshot of the status near the end of the month and then a screenshot of what it looks like after the satellites have reported back the payout information for that month.

I can only address the earnings calculator results. But screenshots of both the earnings calculator and dashboard will be preferred.

Please note that I have notified Storj Labs of an issue that causes inconsistent predictions on the official dashboard that may have impact for you as well. Though this impact is biggest at the start of the month. More info on that here: Estimated earnings inaccurate due to use of full days only · Issue #4056 · storj/storj · GitHub

Without more info it’s not possible to tell you what’s happening on your node though. So please provide some screenshots.

Hi @BrightSilence

The screenshots i have are the current ones.
This month payout dashboard

Last Month (an the node is running OK with no fails or offline):
Note there are no data on the Bandwith.

it looks like your bandwidth isn’t accounted for. This suggests your node might have trouble sending bandwidth orders back to the satellite. Please have a look in the data path in the subfolder orders/unsent. Usually there are 3 or fewer files per satellite there. so that’s 18 or fewer total. If there are a whole bunch in there your node is having trouble with one of the unsent order files. It’s best to remove (move to a different folder) the oldest ones for each satellite, then restart your node, wait a few minutes to see if they are picked up.

After the restart, also grab the log of the node since the restart to check if there are any errors related to order sending. How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

Many tanks for the suggestion

I will check and try. In the meanwhile i send the last (last day) report (from march/21).

It should be the same as from the dashboard, but probably it’s the error you have mentioned.

Ahh good to see you still had that. If you compare to the report if you run it with the 2021-03 parameter you’ll see it report the difference between expected payout and received as well. But the issue was actually pretty clear from the first screenshots you posted. As it clearly states 0B worth of bandwidth. That shouldn’t be the case.

Hi, Again

The bandwidth orders are on the sending process (there were 28 thousand orders waiting :sob:). The problem was that the folder ‘orders’ was blocked to the normal user since 10/10/2020 (some upgrade/error?). Do you think i will get paid from the old unsent order’s i am sending now?

Once again, Many thanks @BrightSilence.

Hello @Ze_Nabo ,
Welcome to the forum!

Orders are valid for 72 hours only…
So, you can remove all older than 72 hours - they will be marked as rejected anyway.