Incorrect remaining storage being displayed


My node seems to be reporting incorrect disk space statistics after I bumped up the storage from 2.5TB to 3TB as the disk was totally full. Currently I have about 2.5TB of Storj data stored but it’s not being reported correctly anymore as shown on the screenshot below.
Storage node logs look healthy to me, with piece transfers still happening as you’d expect

tried restart it? there can be some db lock files, then it cant change db at first time.

Ah yeah, a extra restart seems to have done the trick. Thanks!

when you copy files, with rsync or something, it also copy lock files and storagenode think that something is already using this db and cant use it. But when turn off node, it always send command delete lock files.

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@Vadim is right, this is why we recommend to stop the original node, then do rsync with --delete one more time


In this case I didn’t copy or move any data though. I just simply resized a partition and then did a reboot and started storagenode back up