[Incorrect setup] Completely invalid figures shown on dashboard

I used to operate 3 nodes and shut them down 3 months back and didn’t operate it again. Today when I used the same keys on a completely new server this is what shows on the dashboard.

My disk space on the system is 15TB, how can I use 19TB?

You are not using 19 TB

@jensamberg What is that graph ? “Disk Space Used this Month”?

it is disc spase used x time

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@Vadim Forgive me for being dumb. Could you please explain that?

graph show your used TB * how long you useing your space.
it is TB* howers not just space.

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1TB stored for 24 hours = 24TB*h

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If these nodes stored data before. The identity will likely be disqualified for missing that data. If you don’t have the data anymore, you should create a new identity.