Increase Storage available same node


I have a node running that was initially configured with 500GB capacity at the storagenome variable storage.allocated-disk-space at config.yaml

If I make more space available at the same filesystem where the data is stored can I just simply adjust this variable, restart storagenode process and it will store more data overtime ?

I want to avoid all the hassle to setup a new node and everything related if there is a simpler way to do this in the same node I have everything already setup and running.

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Thanks @nerdatwork , however I don’t use docker.
It seems there is a push from developers to always use docker but that is not always the case and documentation should really be updated to these scenarios where people don’t want or can use docker.

Given that by analogy am I correct to understand that is then possible to just adjust that variable and restart the process and the ‘STORAGE’ configuration equates to storage.allocated-disk-space at config.yaml ?

Yes, that is the correct flag to set. Are you using Windows GUI to run your node ?

I am using Linux Ubuntu

This info belongs in your first post if you want help with your not recommended installation.

Just change the value and restart the node. Then check the available disk space in your dashboard.

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@donald.m.motsinger that’s one of the problems that needs fixing maybe, having docker as the only recommended option for Linux.

In any way, it was mentioned storage.allocated-disk-space and config.yaml file which is understandable.

Thanks for clarifying, will try to restart the storagenode with that adjusted then.

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